GreenArc stands for Green Architecture. GreenArc is equivalent to quality, consistence and guaranteed effect when it comes to the process of designing and constructing your garden.

Landscape Design is a science that creates and preserves the aesthetics in the immediate environment of a home and generally of a greater natural location. Landscape Design plays the most significant role in the preservation of the balance between nature and human life. For us, a green space means quality of living, a breath of freshness, a place for relaxation. More than that, it means a peace place, but also a place of entertainment and social events.

Combining all the above with our state-of-the-art scienctific knowledge and our great experience, we apply the most modern ecological technics and create architectural landscapes of the highest standards. We always intend to the best utilization of your place by preserving in parallel the environmental balance.

For further details please consult our buisiness catalogue (in greek)!   leaflet icon

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