Irrigation is the artificial supply of water on a surface in order to assist the growth of plants or turf. Irrigation is often studied in relation to drainage, which has the opposite purpose, namely to remove excess water from a surface.

The installation of an automated irrigation system in a garden or a green area in general, is perhaps the most important task that must be accomplished in order for the plants and grass to grow and evolve through time. This operation is carried out after preparing the soil before the final layering.

The method of a surface irrigation depends on the plant types which are present on that surface. Specifically, the irrigation of lawns is either performed by static launchers (for small areas ), or rotors ( for large areas), while irrigation of plants (shrubs and trees) is carried out by spilling tubes or drippers.

In order to provide the required amount of water to plants and turf as well as the proper and smooth functioning of the irrigation system, a full automation is required. This includes connection to electric valves and main programmer via special cabling.

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