5 stars hotel in Cyprus. The architectural design and implementation for the hotel's green area (expanse of 90,000 m2) lasted approximately 30 months.

This construction concerns an enormous professional green area with a lot of challenges. More specifically, a large amount of sod has been installed. Its special characteristics are excellent density, texture and color as well as long-lasting durability. Especially the latter is of great importance as this place is used for permament social activity throughout the year. A special cultivar has been used for the golf course.

Durinng the construction process, more than 50 different tree species and more than 150 different bush species were used. 1,500 trees, half of them palm-trees and approximately 50,000 bushes were planted. The sod area, including the golf course, expands at 25,000 m2, while the total expanse of areas covered with pebbles or wood is 2,000 m2. Many ramps and benchings have been created in various sections of the garden of the hotel, including sod and bushes in order for the place to become more natural and amusing.

A fully automated irrigation system has been installed across the green areas including electrovalves and a central programmable control system. Pop-up devices were used for the sod irrigation and as far as the watering of the trees and bushes is concerned, self-controled dripping pipes were used.


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