This project concerns a green space in a residential complex in Maroussi. The construction of the site, an area of ​​approximately 60,000 m2, was completed a few months before the start of the 2004 Olympic Games from a large manufacturing company.

This is a very large green area with very specific requirements due to stress of intense social activity and sports.

GreenArc, at that time, about 3 years (late 2008 - mid 2011), who had the honor to take over the maintenance of the green areas, progressed to significant changes which were, reconstruction and architectural design of certain parts that included planting trees and shrubs, reconstruction of irrigation network and generally changes in the "philosophy" of the garden's maintenance.

We added ornamental elements at selected spots of the area, creating a beautiful landscape, we settled shrubs to create trimmers. In addition, large trees were planted to create shade and we seeded in selected parts turf of a specific variety with very good characteristics in density, texture, green color and resistance to stress throughout the year.

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