Arachova (Livadi)

Garden in private home in Arachova. Construction began in July and was completed in late August 2007. The construction lasted about two months.

The area of the plot is about 6,000 m2 while the open green area is 4,500 m2. It concerns a large garden with special requirements at an altitude of about 1,300 m. Psychrophilic turf of a variety with excellent resistance to low winter temperatures and an excellent green color throughout the year was placed.

We planted Leilant (Cupressocyparis Leilandi) which played the role of tall hedgerows around the site, and as a main ornamental garden trees we selected: Plane tree (Platanus orientalis), Aria (Quersus ilex), Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), Koukounaria (Pinus pinea) and Fir ( Abies sp.). Moreover, we planted ornamental plum (Prunus pissardi) and apple trees (Malus domestica), while much attention was given to the selection of shrubs due to large temperature changes during the year. The Shrubs that were selected alternate the color of the flower and their foliage throughout the year.

In order to meet the needs of the owner in parking place, a parking space of 50 m2 was built using special high strength plastic block, which was seeded with a special variety of turf.

Across the garden a fully automated irrigation system was placed using solenoid valves and a central controller. Pop-ups were used for the irrigation of lawn and self-regulating dripping hoses for watering the trees and shrubs.

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