Nea Erythrea

This is a graden of a private reseidence in Nea Erythrea, Athens, Greece. The garden's construction begun in early May 2006 and completed 12 days later. The garden expands on an area of 300 m2.

This is a private garden, with intense changes in shade and sunshine throughout the day, because of the tall buildings which surround the plot. We placed sod of mix varieties to meet those particularities, with excellent characteristics in density, texture and green color during the whole year.

In the front part of the plot (where there is the most sunshine), we constructed a fence of Gold Crest (Cupressus macrocarpa), a cluster of shrubs, herbs and grasses . The rear fence was formed by Apollo laurels (Laurus nobilis), a stunning Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) and several other small shrubs. We also planted three apple trees (Malus domestica) under which we placed white pebbles.

Across the garden was a fully automated irrigation system was installed using solenoid valves and central controller. Pop-ups were also used for the irrigation of lawn and self-regulating dripping hoses for watering the trees and shrubs.

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