This is a garden of a private residence on the island of Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece. The construction of the 5,000 m2 garden begun in early October 2007 and completed in late November.

This is a large private garden, with very particular characteristics because of altitude,its location, and orientation. SAs a result, we had to cope with situations such as salinity of the irrigation water, salinity of the sea winds, very strong winds of different directions but mainly the northern ones, and last because of the very poor quality of the soil, given its very high content of sand.

Across the area of the land, we applied specially formulated fertilizers and added a large amount of peat moss and other special soil improvements. All shrubs that were planted in the garden, were selected based on their capacity to deal with all these problems due to salinity and high winds .

In addition, we placed turf of a special variety, of excellent quality and with excellent characteristics in density, texture and green color throughout the year. Trees that were selected to be planted were cypresses (Cupressus sempervirens), in sheltered places, olive trees (Olea europea) and Tamarisk trees (Tamarix gallica).

In order to highlight the garden and the house architecturally, we used materials, such as river pebbles and rocks that had been derived from the excavation of the house's foundations. We also used specially processed wood, which was placed in key spots of the garden creating a beautiful landscape.

Across the garden a fully automated irrigation system was installed using solenoid valves and central controller. Pop-ups were also used for the irrigation of lawn and self-regulating dripping hoses for watering the trees and shrubs.

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