This is a garden of a private residence in Ilia prefecture. The construction of the garden, expanding in an area of 8,000 m2, begun on October 15th 2008 and completed on November 20th of the same year. 

This is a large private garden, with great sunshine throughout the day. This fact led us to seed the lawn using a variety with very good characteristics in density, texture and color throughout the year.

Around the plot, we planted Leiland (Cupressocyparis leylandii) to protect from strong cold winds during winter, while inside the garden, we created clusters with large impressive palms (Washingtonia filifera). Near the house we created flower beds with shrubs, herbaceous perennials and roses (Rosa sp.). In the plot (right and left), Westringia (Westringia fruticosa) was planted as a low edging plant.

Across the garden a fully automated irrigation system was installed using solenoid valves and central controller. Pop-ups were also used for the irrigation of lawn and self-regulating dripping hoses for watering the trees and shrubs.

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