Roll out lawn

The roll out lawn is a natural product grown on land for at least six months where a high quality, healthy and uniform turf is produced with the appropriate equipment and the care of specialized staff.

Using special machinery the turf is cut into strips 2 meters in length and 0.40 meters in width with a thin layer of soil containing a large part of its roots. Then it is wound into rolls and transferred to the final installation area , where is is rolled out. It must be immediately watered in order its roots to penetrate the soil.

To install a roll out lawn, we should initially have selected the correct variety for the particular surface. It is important to know that not all varieties of sod survive on the same surface. The selection of suitable varieties, psychrophilic or thermophilic, depends on:

• The climate of the region;
• sunshine magnitude and obscuration rate;
• the distance of the land from the sea;
• water quality;
• resistance to stress.

To ensure the longevity of the aesthetic effect of sod, it is needed to make some basic tasks, such as:

• very good soil preparation with milling and placement improvement materials;
• layering of the surface soil and creation of takings;
• installation of automated irrigation system;
• experienced and qualified personnel for installation of sod.

The GreenArc has the expertise and suitably qualified staff that can guarantee you an immediate, quality and long-lasting effect.


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