Turf seeding

To seed an area with turf we should initially have chosen the appropriate variety of seed. It is important to know that
not all turf varieties are suitable for a specific soil.

The selection of the proper psychrophilic or thermophilic variety of seed (or mixture of seeds) depends on:

  • the climate of the location;
  • the sunshine and the amount of shading;
  • the land's distance from sea;
  • the water's quality;την ποιότητα του νερού
  • the endurance.

In order to ensure a long-lasting turf it is required to perform the following procedures:

  • layering of the soil and drain creation;
  • installation of automated irrigation system;
  • seeding of the turf by specialized and experienced staff.

GreenArc has acquired the proper expertise and staff in order to guarantee an immediate long-lasting and excellent effect.

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